“Thou shall wage war through deception” I have been following the Syrian situation for some years now. It has deeply saddened me seeing the level of greed, destruction and the complete disregard for human life, thus prompting me to write this piece. The Syrian civil-war has been called many things but no one has called... Continue Reading →


Grand Finale

A explorer from Earth on a mission to reveal the grandeur of Saturn, its rings and moons. After 20 years in the cold darkness of space, NASA's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft is nearing the end of its long lonely trek meeting a fiery end in little over two weeks from now as it plunges into Saturn. Named... Continue Reading →

Warrior Hero’s

In the last few months there has been a growing trend of certain people in the media, the political elites and social activists making derogatory and unwarranted statements against the Indian army. Few even do Pakistan's handy work by questioning the surgical strikes on terrorist sites in PoK and spreading the false narrative about terrorists... Continue Reading →

Circus 2016

The 2016 U.S presidential election was an unprecedented event in American politics for over a decade. In the aftermath of a largely polarizing election cycle, a country stands divided with the right-left divide becoming even more chaotic. Even after 6 months of the elections, the division still persists and grows every single day. A lot... Continue Reading →


On this glorious august morning, wishing the readers a very Happy 70th Independence Day. 70 years back this country began a long and difficult journey on 15th August 1947. As the curtains came down on the British Raj with the unfurling of the tricolor, many were filled with hope and aspirations for the future. Just... Continue Reading →


             We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi but how many of us know the history behind it. Today I will be writing about the origins of the festival and will briefly touch upon how its celebrated with much fanfare. Its relatively unknown when exactly or how Ganesh Chaturthi began. It was celebrated during the time of Shivaji... Continue Reading →

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